Standart class

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If you can’t afford to rent a business class car but, at the same time, you don’t want to travel by a cheap and uncomfortable car, we can offer a "golden mean". In our fleet there are several standard class cars. It is an excellent opportunity for residents and guests in Sochi and Adler to get a vehicle of minimum comfort at a reasonable price.

Car rent with an ideal price-performance ratio

Our company can provide you with such a service as standard car renting. This type of rent is very popular among:

  • tourists who want to travel along the edge with minimum comfort;
  • those who don’t have their own car for some reason;
  • those who need every day use of a car for their activities.

If you want to rent this class of a car you need just a passport and a driver's license. The registration takes no more than 20 minutes. For those who are not ready to drive by themself, we can offer a professional driver.

If you sign a long-term contract you’ll be granted a discount which size is determined individually.