Car rental terms

 Requirements for car rental:

1.Driver's license of category B and experience of more than 3 years

  1. The minimum age is 23.

Car rental terms and conditions:

  1. The permitted territory of using a car is the Krasnodar Area. If the client wants to travel outside this area (Republic of Crimea, Republic of Abkhazia, etc.) it is possible only if the Company is notified in advance, and all the necessary documents are taken and if this service is payed according to the price list. In case of violation of this requirement, a fine of 5,000 rubles is provided
  2. The daily mileage of the vehicle should not exceed 250 kilometers. In case of exceeding the established limit, the renter pays for each kilometer of the ride according to the rates set by the Company (from 6 to 11 rubles per kilometer, depending on the type of vehicle)
  3. We provide the renter with a vehicle in good condition with the relevant registration documents, full fuel tank and clean. The vehicle should be returned in the same form. In case of violation of this requirement, the renter will reimburse the cost of washing and cleaning the car, depending on the car category: washing (car body) 300-500 rubles, (the interior) 300-500 rubles, (the child seat) 200 rubles. The lack of fuel in the tank (gasoline/diesel) is paid in accordance with the rates set by the Company (60 rubles/liter)
  4. The vehicle can be rented for up to 8 hours, in which case the renter pays ¾ of the daily rental price
  5. In case of exceeding the rental period of the vehicle (late arrival) without timely notification of the Company, the renter pays a fine: if you are late for a period of no more than 4 hours-50% of the daily rate, if you are late for a period of more than 4 hours-100% of the daily rate
  6. The maximum financial liability of the renter to the Company in the event of an accident caused by the renter is up to 1 million rubles, depending on the brand of the car. This liability can be reduced to 0, if you pay for additional insurance (the cost is 500-1000 rubles/day).
  7. Delivery of the vehicle to the customer's location is paid according to the rates set by the Company.