Rental car without a driver

Rental car without a driver

To rent a car without a driver is an ideal solution for those who imagine their life without wheels. Our market research helped us to realize that this service should be available to everyone. Now it is used not only by guests, but also by those who live in Sochi, Adler and other nearby settlements. Variety of vehicles makes it possible to choose a car for any person with any budget.

What can we offer?

Car rent in Sochi without a driver is a service that should meet certain standards. The main criteria are:

  • technical condition of the vehicle;
  • car insurance;
  • ability to choose a car you can afford;
  • system of discounts;
  • easy way of contract signing;
  • short list of documents for the service;
  • ability to rent a car of any class.

To rent a car, you should only have a passport and a driver’s license. The procedure will take a little time, and in 20-30 minutes you’ll be able to leave our office with a set of wheels.

Not only businessmen on a business trip come to our office but also:

      1.  those whose “iron horse” is in the shop;

  1. tourists who wish to see the sights and others.

All vehicles pass the technical inspection regularly and as a result, all of them are technically sound.

Our service peculiarities

"AutorentPRO" is a company that specializes in car rent of different class and status. The wide range of vehicles allows us to meet all the requests. We work with legal entities, as well as individuals. It can be a short-term or a long-term rent.

We are proud of our team of high-qualified specialists. Among them, there are experienced mechanics who serve our Vehicle Fleet, professional drivers and other specialists.

To order a car or consult a specialist, you can call the number you’ll find on the website. Our managers will answer any question concerning the procedure of renting a car.

"AutorentPRO" offers not only high-quality service, but also reasonable price. We are always ready to meet the clients’ requests and propose better terms for rent.